Environmental Newsletter | March 2023
Dear customers, partners and friends of EEX,
EEX Group began the year on a high note having closed 2022 with exceptional results. Nodal Exchange's US environmental futures and options open interest was 31% higher at the end of 2022 as compared to the previous year, with 223,275 lots. Despite lower EUA trading volumes, EU emission allowances averaged above €80 per tonne last year and have since surpassed the €100 mark in February this year. After a calm start into the new year, volumes and number of trades have increased significantly.
Furthermore, EEX was awarded the German Federal Environment Agency’s new tender for the auctioning of emission allowances on behalf of Germany. As the auctioning platform for 25 EU member states, three EEA-EFTA states, as well as for Germany, Poland and Northern Ireland, EEX has closed over 2500 successful auctions, which have generated over €142 billion in revenue for the participating member states for climate and innovation funds.
As governments and companies set more ambitious emission reduction targets, we are committed to developing offerings to meet these goals. For example, we have begun offering clients GHG quota trading through a new strategic partnership with q-bility GmbH.
In addition, changes to the EU ETS at the European level are top-of-mind for many of you. To that end, we are preparing a number of informational materials in the next quarter regarding this topic as well as for the secondary topics. Find out more details in the sections below.
Best regards,

Steffen Köhler

GHG quota trading
EU completes 2,500 ETS auctions
North American update
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Webinar: EU ETS
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EEX and q-bility establish strategic partnership for GHG quota trading
EEX has entered into a strategic partnership with q-bility GmbH for trading in greenhouse gas reduction quotas (GHG quotas). The GHG quota system aims to reduce climate-damaging emissions from the transport sector and distributors of petrol and diesel fuels are legally obliged to reduce greenhouse gases to avoid penalty levies. For 2023, this reduction requirement is 8%, and will increase to 25% by 2030. Companies can purchase GHG quotas from third parties that make actual emission reductions, such as owners of electric cars or charging station operators. These transactions can take place within the framework of GHG quota trading.
q-bility's solution revolutionises previously bilateral and analogue trading. Since July 2022, q-bility has been operating a fully digital B2B trading platform for GHG quotas, which was developed and implemented with technical support from EEX Group. Standardised trading procedures and digital settlement processes give suppliers and buyers the opportunity for direct selling on the platform.
Interested in learning more about trading GHG quotas? Please visit the new section on our website on GHG quotas or reach out to


EEX has held over 2,500 ETS auctions representing 6.7 billion tonnes of CO2
On 13th March 2023, EEX successfully concluded its 2,500 EU ETS primary auctions for EU emission allowances (EUA) and EU aviation allowances (EUAA) since they began in 2010. This milestone comes as the EU is set to roll out new rules to cut 62% of emissions for the covered sectors by 2030.
The EU ETS auctions have proven to be an effective instrument for reductions and GHG emissions in the EU have decreased by 32% between 1990 and 2020, higher than the original 20% reduction target. Since 2010 carbon allowances auctioned-off via EEX have generated over €142 billion in revenue for the participating member states for climate and innovation funds.
North America update: Washington carbon allowance market off to fast start
The Washington state carbon market officially launched in January, creating solid momentum in North America's newest compliance carbon market.
Nodal Exchange, in cooperation with, IncubEx, listed the first Washington Carbon Allowance (WCA) futures contract in December 2022 and added a WCA option contract in January. The market has steadily grown on Nodal since then. Washington state held its first auction of 6.2 million allowances on 28th February and announced results on 7th March. The auction settlement price was $48.50 per allowance, well above the $22.20 floor set by the program.
On 7th March, 335 WCA futures (equal to 335,000 WCAs) were traded on Nodal, with prices rising to $50 per allowance. Open interest rose to 225 contracts in early March. Interest in the WCA contract is strong, and remaining WCA auctions are planned for 31st May, 30th August, and 6th December of 2023.
WCAs complement the California Carbon Allowance (CCA) and Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) contracts on Nodal. Both have shown steady growth over the past year, reaching a combined record open interest of 42,445 contracts in December last year.
Finally, renewable energy certificate (REC) products posted new OI records, hitting 213,450 in February. Texas CRS wind and solar reached a record of more than 45,000 lots of open interest in March (equal to 45 million MWh of renewable energy). This marks the most successful "voluntary" REC ever listed and draws ongoing demand from corporates looking to decarbonize operations.

Meet us @E‑world
22 - 24 May 2023 | Hall 3 #436
We are looking forward to meeting in person at our booth #3-436! If you need a ticket to meet our #EEXperts, just contact your account manager. Keep up to date with our social media channels or check out our event website.

Webinar: EU ETS
7 June 23 | 10.30 a.m - 12 p.m.
EEX is pleased to invite you to our webinar “EU ETS – Participation in the auctions and outlook secondary market”, which will be held in cooperation with the European Commission via MS Teams.

Carbon Chat
With the upcoming changes to the EU ETS, companies can get succinct information for industries such as maritime, building and transport. Look out for these quick video guides in April.
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