Webinar: EU ETS – Participation in the auctions and outlook secondary market
Dear all,
Thank you for attending EEX’s webinar “EU Emission Allowances – Participation in the auctions and outlook secondary market” on 28th June. We are very happy about the huge interest in this topic and the numerous questions we received.
Key points covered have been:
1. EU ETS: basics, background and relevant legislation
2. EEX as common auction platform: involvement in global carbon markets, auction mandates
3. Auction participation: reasons for participation, eligibility, several options to participate including comparison and costs
4. Auction process: from opening of the bidding window over determination of the auction clearing price until delivery of certificates; including a demo auction (available in the recording, see below)
5. Secondary Market: compliance markets and voluntary carbon markets including the products offered
6. Intermediaries: offer clients access to the auctions and the secondary market without exchange membership and clearing member
In case you didn’t have the chance to watch the webinar live, you can find the recording under this link.
Furthermore, the presentation slides are available here.
If you have any questions, please reach out to us at
Kind regards,
Your EEX Team
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